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How to Eat a Pig’s Head

It's not something you see on every menu, but at Bauer European Farm Kitchen, it's a creative addition that delivers solid flavor.

Branch Delivers a Solid Return on Your Fine Dining Investment

Reliable comfort food in an Art Deco bank building in East Walnut Hills.

Woodhouse Kitchen + Bar Searches for Its Slavic Soul

There is a big blank space in our landscape for Russian food, but barring a few regional standouts, its menu is dominated by predictable Italian and American fare that is pretty good but nothing special.

Crown Republic Brings Value and Flair to Downtown

What makes Crown Republic special isn’t its handful of outstanding dishes. It’s the place’s sheer consistency.

Clyborne Gives Mason More of What It Already Has

One of the first things I look for on a menu are the oddballs, the strange dishes that show what makes the chef tick, signs of the particular journey that brought them to this...

Best Restaurant No. 1: Sotto is the Gold Standard for Consistency

Most restaurants, from meal to meal and year to year, have ups and downs. Standards slip when someone is out of town, chefs get bored or lose focus, execution falters. A few establishments, though, maintain...

Best Restaurant No. 2: Bauer Tries New Cuisine and Makes it Extraordinary

Bauer has been continuously improving since its doors opened a few years ago, and it’s now one of Cincinnati’s true gems. While maintaining its roots in the peasant tradition along the Franco-German border, Chef...

Best Restaurant No. 3: Restaurant L Does Luxury Like No One Else

There are nice restaurants, there are places you go for a special occasion, and then there is Restaurant L. Unless one happens to be the holder of a baronetcy, or whatever the American equivalent...

Best Restaurant No. 4: Boca Maintains Elegance in its Rustic Appeal

Like walking onto the set of an opera, there is something theatrical and almost over-the-top about Boca, with its enormous chandelier, floor-to-ceiling draperies, and grand staircase. Balancing all of this, though, is food that,...

Best Restaurant No. 5: Abigail Street Impresses with Attentive Service

Much less than other restaurants of its caliber, Abigail Street is understated in its greatness. Service is so friendly and casual that you only gradually realize how competent the servers are, from their knowledge of...