You might not expect such a wealth of local wineries and distilleries, but as it turns out, our climate is ideal for wine, and our location is ideal for crafting spirits. (Hello, bourbon country!) We show you how that bourbon is made, where the wine bars are, and how to stock your liquor cabinet with locally made spirits.

By Katie Coburn, John Fox, Kara Hagerman, Patrick Murphy, Kaileigh Peyton, Kevin Schultz, and Amanda Boyd Walters

Cincinnati Used to Be Wine Country and The Skeleton Root Wants to Bring It...

Nicholas Longworth turned Cincinnati hillsides into vineyards and created a local wine industry. Today, Kate MacDonald looks to Longworth for inspiration.

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Seven Local Distilleries Where You Can Sip Spirits Now (Plus Two More Coming Soon)

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Nine Northern Kentucky Wineries Worth Visiting

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Want Wine? These Five Local Wineries Have You Covered

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How Boone County Distilling Co. Makes Liquor

We went behind the scenes at Boone County Distilling in Independence to learn the science behind each batch of whiskey, bourbon, and gin.

Nine Local Wine Bars to Try Now

You can get a glass of wine almost anywhere, but these nine spots are staffed with experts who can help you pick the right glass or bottle.

Editor’s Letter, October 2019: Celebrating Winemaking and Distilling

I feel like we’re enjoying a golden age of appreciation for Cincinnati heritage, a time when past accomplishments that once were forgotten or dismissed are celebrated with modern twists.