Style Counsel: Sydney Murdock

occupation: Owner, Uncommon Stylist
Style: Her own, always

Photograph by Annette Navarro

You do editorial work in addition to personal styling. Editorial is my first love, but a lot of times the only way to make it work as a career is to move to New York or L.A. But I wanted to be able to build [a career] in the city where I grew up. If everybody leaves Cincinnati, there will never be a huge creative community here.

How did that expertise inform how you approach personal styling? I got to learn a lot of different body types and how to use clothing to create different facades. The No. 1 thing is people styling themselves for their body type.

You seamlessly pull off very different looks. You wear baggy camo pants one day and a silk shirt, corset, cut-off jean shorts, and knee-high boots the next. I pull inspiration from a lot of different places. I like bigger clothes because I can manipulate them or wear them in different ways than what they’re made for. I enjoy mixing prints. I enjoy textures.

Photograph by Annette Navarro

You rock boyfriend jeans. What are your tips for those of us who can’t let go of skinny jeans? A lot of people stray away from them because they think they’re too masculine or frumpy. Nothing is too masculine; it’s what you make it. You can do a skin-tight top or heels with them. They’ll be baggy in the leg, but you want them to fit your waist.

How do you approach putting together outfits? Usually around a particular piece. I’ll find one thing and think, I have to wear this in a way that’s killer. Or around a specific look I want to execute. I don’t try to chase trends. I don’t want to wear that same outfit that everyone else wears.

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