Meet the Makers: Libby Andress of Libby Shop

In our November 2018 Shop Local issue, we explore greater Cincinnati neighborhoods while you check out dozens of retailers who can fulfill your closet, home, and recreational needs.

How much of the jewelry sold at Libby Shop do you make? Like 10 to 25 percent. A lot of the pieces in stock are stuff I can make from scratch. I also have other pieces that I get cast.

Describe the style. Minimal, wearable, everyday pieces, with an emphasis on design.

Is it time-consuming? I try to devote Tuesdays to making jewelry, so it ends up being a 12-hour day.

Where’s your studio? For some of the simpler pieces, I do it here. If I’m soldering, it’s in my apartment.

What’s your go-to piece? I really like making rings and earrings. When I put together a look, that’s where I’m focusing.

What draws you to jewelry making? It’s therapeutic. And I have an arts background, which feeds into informing the design and process of the jewelry.



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