Meet the Makers: Kelti and Tanner Ziese of Coda Co.


Illustration by Joe McDermott

In our November 2018 Shop Local issue, we explore greater Cincinnati neighborhoods while you check out dozens of retailers who can fulfill your closet, home, and recreational needs.

Explain Coda Co. TZ: Coda in music terms means to refresh or repeat. We refresh old products and make them new again.

Like bourbon barrels? KZ: One of the first things Tanner started making out of bourbon barrels was coat racks. Then he got into tables. He tries to use every piece of the barrel. If he can’t use the whole stave, he’ll use parts of it for wine stands, bottle openers, and votive trays.

What’s your goal? KZ: To live a minimalistic lifestyle. We try to keep it as waste-free as we can.

How did it all start? TZ: Kelti, being the Pintrest guru that she is, found this window table. In my parents’ basement, we made this little coffee table. We were proud of it. We made a couple other things…and it just took off.

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