Podcast: Inside the Money Issue


Not to brag or anything, but we think the actual physical copy of our magazine looks pretty great. Others do too, as our designers have won multiple national awards over the years. But us lowly peons that attempt to write the most punny heds (that’s magazine terminology for headlines, kids) and stories that aren’t horrible offer essentially no help to the art department. So we sat down with our design director Megan Scherer to learn more about how her team puts together each issue, specifically September’s money issue. What are the challenges in taking a generic topic like money and localizing the visuals? We discovered that and more.

Before that conversation, however, we went behind the scenes of the feature about the Griffin Family. The story is about brothers who (allegedly, lawyers) screwed their sisters out of a family fortune that was made in the rendering industry. How do you put a piece together about a family struggle when the family doesn’t want to speak with you? And how do you organize a piece with such a convoluted chronology?

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