Fulcher 2 Stay Podcast: Pete Morelli Conspiracy Game


The Bengals lost to the Steelers in a dreary, rain-soaked affair that is a pretty solid microcosm for Pittsburgh weather on any given day. (Seriously, the weather in Pittsburgh is secretly terrible, except for the approximately 12 days a year when it is the most beautiful place on earth.) The conditions played a factor in a sloppy game that confirmed some worries about the Bengals (run offense/defense) and allayed some fears (pass protection). Then there was referee Pete Morelli and his crew. The NFL has managed to create rules so complicated and obtuse that they require two-minute video explanations as to why a certain call is justified when a shruggie emoji would’ve sufficed. This also leaves officials open to plenty of scrutiny, and boy oh boy do Bengals fans (and really, all NFL fans) love to complain about their team not getting calls. So we look at the impact officiating had on this game and examine the Italian ref mafia theory. (It should be noted though, you jilted Bengals fans that believe the sky is falling, that Morelli is an equal opportunity offender.) All that, plus a defense of Marvin Lewis. Please feel free to review and rate the Fulcher 2 Stay Podcast on iTunes and check back every week for analysis of the Bengals.


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