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Chief Michael A. Washington Is a Man on Fire

The newest head of the Cincinnati Fire Department has been a firefighter almost his entire life.

Thank You for Being a Friend

Bea Lampkin never gave up on her patients.

Don Poynter’s Legacy Is Mighty Tiny

The Cincinnati novelty inventor, who died last month at age 96, built a serious business around making people laugh.

Zell Schulman Is a Force of Nature

Mother, grandmother, cookbook author, fund-raiser—Zell Schulman has worn many hats, but perhaps her most important is people person.

Melissa Godoy Captures Life Itself

Cincinnati filmmaker Melissa Godoy talks about her latest documentary, Determined, screening at this month’s OTR Film Festival.

Actor Pamela Myers Never Stopped Working

"People don’t realize how much the arts contribute to the economy, how many people work in the arts. It’s a huge industry in the city."

Medical Student Jacob Lutz Made a Career Change

"I was extremely excited to be back...but also nervous because I knew I’d be starting over again in school to pursue medicine."

Gabe Davis Makes an Impact

"The fact that there was this commitment and space for making progress, to me it felt like I could come here to do that work."

Two Local Organizations Help Young Parents—and Their Babies—Thrive

Rosemary’s Babies Company and Cincinnati Scholar House surround young parents with support to raise their children and achieve their dreams.

Sharmili Reddy Strives to Create a Safe Haven for All

The Kenton County official wants all newcomers to feel the same kind of inclusivity she’s experienced.