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Best Restaurants 2016

Dish of the Year: Mita’s Cordero Al Ajillo

The year’s best bite transports even the most jaded traveler to Spain’s colorful southern coast, home of sherry, flamenco music, and bullfighting.

Dinner à Deux

Shareable entrÉes have come a long way. As we ate our way around town we couldn’t help but notice more menus embracing food for two, or even a crew.

10 New Rules of Dining Out

It's time to collectively update our etiquette manuals.

Is Octopus the New Pork Belly?

“Every time you eat octopus, you taste the ocean.”

The Soufflé: A History

Randy Sebastian’s chocolate soufflé at Boca blew the collective Dine Team mind.

Best Restaurants 2016: The Bars

Often the best seat in the house is at the bar.

The 6 Dining Trends That Need to Go Away

Enough already with Shishito peppers.


Cozy, off the beaten path, and with a menu touched with a lovable Southern drawl, right down to the bourbon-centric cocktails, Bouquet verily announces “Come on back, y’all.”


Tucked into a strip mall straddling Madisonville and Oakley are some of the most authentic Oaxacan flavors around.

Forno Osteria + Bar

Cristian Pietoso’s second restaurant has all the bones of an upscale eatery, but the menu is infused with enough Italian soul to make nonna proud.