Dinner à Deux

Shareable entrées have come a long way. As we ate our way around town we couldn’t help but notice more menus embracing food for two, or even a crew.
Orchids Chateaubriand

Photograph by Jeremy Kramer

Riverside Korean Restaurant’s Budae Jjigae
You’ll never slam Spam again. Often referred to as “Army Stew,” this Korean post-war dish (think spam, hot dogs, and instant ramen noodles) was born out of necessity in the Uijeongbu region from staples available at nearby Army bases. Despite a few token veggies, this is nobody’s idea of “clean” eating, but flavor-wise it’s addictive. riversidekoreanrestaurant.com

Mita’s Paella Valenciana
If spoon-sparring over crispy edges with three friends is your idea of a good time, then this socarrat is for you. Did we mention the fork-tender octopus, spicy chorizo, chicken thighs, and array of shellfish? $63 never went so far. mitas.co

Orchids Chateaubriand
The official O.G. of couples’ cuisine, this center-cut, 28-ounce tenderloin steak is sliced and served tableside with potato mousseline, portobello mushrooms, asparagus, and bordelaise and béarnaise sauces. orchidsatpalmcourt.com

Ando’s Sukiyaki
The ultimate in interactive dining, Ando’s cook-your-own-hot-pot is more than generous (three portions will easily feed four) with plenty of strip loin beef, onions, mushrooms, yam noodles, tofu, and fishcake to simmer tableside in a soy-sake sauce. andojapaneserestaurant.com

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