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The Fix: Six Renovation Revelations from Serious Rehabbers

On the renovation continuum, there’s upgrading the appliances, there’s taking the kitchen down to the studs, and then there’s what the Chacóns did.

Built By Hand: Modern Mansion Meets Old Kentucky Home

How a Northern Kentucky mansion with every modern convenience came to look like it’s been standing for hundreds of years.

Seven Secrets to Great Design

Ever wonder why a room just doesn’t feel right?

Designer Mary Cook experienced it countless times when she was called in to fix spaces that, for reasons the clients couldn’t put their fingers on, just weren’t working.

6 Really Easy Ways to Create a Spa Bathroom

Forget the orchid and the basket of massage stones. And you don’t have to remodel, either. These really easy steps will have you relaxing in your own spa retreat by the end of a weekend.

Ready For Their Close-Ups

One of the perks of working for a magazine is that we occasionally have the opportunity to…shall we say, “contribute” to photo shoots.
Yes, over the years, our pets have been Cincinnati Magazine cover models. Our children have appeared as ring bearers and flower girls in Cincinnati Wedding. We’ve ridden motor scooters and tandem bicycles for the sake

First Impressions

April showers bring messy mudrooms. Here's how to keep your entryways presentable, even in April.

Take it Personally

A few years ago “customizing” your home meant upgrading to an exotic wood or a high-end faucet. Today, homeowners are taking design cues from what’s truly one-of-a-kind—themselves.

Catch “Coniferitis”

If you select the right conifers for your climate and plant them correctly, they pretty much take care of themselves.

Ahead of Its Time

Most architects would have approached this property quite differently. It’s the typical Cincinnati sloping yard, and the usual way to situate a house would have been to put the entrance on the high ground, opening to a walkout basement at the bottom of the hill.
Benjamin Dombar

Growing Up Mid-Century Modern

"We grew up feeling that Frank Lloyd Wright was part of our family," says Rockell Meese. For Meese, the daughter of architect and former Wright apprentice Benjamin Dombar, mid-century Modern wasn't just about rooflines or windows. For the middle daughter of a man who contributed more than 1,000 homes to the Cincinnati landscape, it was a way of life.