Take it Personally

Handprint_newsletterA few years ago “customizing” your home meant upgrading to an exotic wood or a high-end faucet. Today, homeowners are taking design cues from what’s truly one-of-a-kind—themselves.

Ready to try this at home? Here are four tips for adding personality—your own personality, to be exact—into your interior design.

1. Make it Meaningful

There’s no rule that says a backsplash, for example, has to look exactly like a design catalog. Don’t be afraid to incorporate fossils, sea glass, tiles that you purchased from a street vender in Greece, even a child’s handprint. Decorate with items that remind you of vacations or other special times in your life.

2. Collect Something

Your antique teapots don’t have to live in a china cabinet. Tuck them into bookshelves, accessorize coffee tables with them and use them as vases in the powder room. Not only does this help personalize your home, but it will allow you to enjoy your  collection so much more.

3. Use Your Best Color

This is not as simple as it sounds because people get caught up in preconceived ideas of color scheme and what works well together. The secret is to start by surrounding yourself with a color that makes you feel beautiful. From there, you can figure out what colors blend well with that hue.

4. Mix and Match

Personalize your furnishings by using them in completely original combinations. Try pairing a farm trestle table with a set of French metal garden chairs, or a stainless-steel table with an assortment of wooden chairs. Give basic materials some personality by pairing them with your own blend of unexpected ones—drop a few glass tiles into a hardwood floor, for example, to add a little sparkle.

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