Ready For Their Close-Ups

One of the perks of working for a magazine is that we occasionally have the opportunity to…shall we say, “contribute” to photo shoots.
Yes, over the years, our pets have been Cincinnati Magazine cover models. Our children have appeared as ring bearers and flower girls in Cincinnati Wedding. We’ve ridden motor scooters and tandem bicycles for the sake of a great shot. We’ve taken bite after bite of a sweet treat to get just the right shape on the bite mark (hey, the things we do for our work!). And one of us even donned a pair of emerald tights to model shoes.  
Me? I put my china in the magazine every chance I get.
It started as a matter of convenience. We were about to begin shooting the Cincinnati Magazine Design Home, and the whole team rallied to find accessories to help give the home a lived-in charm. The Ad Director brought his golf clubs for the garage.  The sales team filled the closets with clothing borrowed from local boutiques. I discovered with delight that I had a cup and saucer to match each room of the house.
Since then, photo shoots have become something of a Where’s Waldo? game for our family, searching for recognizable items on the finished pages. For me, I’ve got printouts of my photo stars pinned up in my office. I get to enjoy them without washing any dishes!
Photos by Ryan Kurtz:
1. The turquoise coffee cup photo never made it into the magazine, but it was always one of my favorites.

2. My grandmother’s gray and white china looks like it was made for the Design Home master suite.

3. My other grandmother’s carefully curated collection of antique cups and saucers. Her collection never exceeded 12—when she found a new one she wanted, she got rid of another. Watch for this beautiful shot in the newest issue of Cincinnati Wedding.

4. Okay, I bought this Japanese tea set for the photo shoot. I got attached and knew I had to keep it.

Photo by Daylight Photo:
5. My favorite outdoor vase. It was a housewarming gift from good friends.

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