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Inside the Minds of Cincinnati’s Men and Women in Blue

Ghosts follow officers through the halls of the Cincinnati Police Department. And it’s James Daum’s job to exorcise them.

Super Conductor: Carmon DeLone

After half a century of conducting and playing jazz around town, Cincinnati Ballet’s musical director and all-around arts scene dynamo has no plans to take it easy.

High Profile: Flying Actor

He flies, never ages, crosses swords with pirates—and drinks the house lager at Arthur’s. Joshua Steele is taking on a century-old role this month at the Cincinnati Music Theater: Peter Pan.

High Profile: 2013 U.S. Bridge King

John Altman doesn’t wear a crown. His kingdom is both virtual and physical, and in it he is widely known as a man of skill—a teenaged master of numbers and logic, proclaimed Bridge King by the American Contract Bridge League.

Inside Information: Cyclocross Racer

Gerry Schulze dishes the dirt on cyclocross

Safety Manager

Tony Morgan doesn't mind if people don't know his name. It means he wasn't in the spotlight—and that means nothing went wrong. As he kicks off his fourth year as fire and safety manager at Kentucky Speedway, and prepares for the Sprint Cup Series Quaker State 400 on June 29, Morgan makes sure his team of 200-plus workers is as efficient as possible.

Unsolved Mysteries: Reptiles in Residence

We had too many mysteries to fit in the April 2013 issue--so enjoy this bonus tale.

Q&A: Jerry Gels

After three years of research—including trips west to interview aging Las Vegas pit bosses about their Kentucky roots—American Legacy Tours cofounder Jerry Gels has brought Northern Kentucky’s Godfather-esque history into focus. Murder? Mayhem? Gels’s documentary, Newport: Gangsters, Gamblers, and Girls, which got its first screening late last fall, has it all. Or as much of “it” as old timers were willing to reveal.

Fire Breather

It doesn’t hurt if you’re doing it right. It’s really more guts than anything. It’s technique. It’s getting over your fear, which is a great lesson for everybody.

Morning Show Hosts

Jeff: I have a lot of friends who are women, and there’s nothing they love more than gathering together and cracking open a bottle of wine and just chatting and gossiping and catching up. 
Jenn: That’s kind of what we do.