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James Garfield’s Life Lessons Still Resonate

Known more for his assassination than his policies, the Ohio-born president was both a radical and a unifier, says biographer C.W. Goodyear.

Phil Christman Digs Deep Into the Midwest Psyche With His New Book

His new book, Midwest Futures, attempts to define the region's customs and core identity, looking at the past, the present, and the future.

Ohio’s History of Presidential Books

The pages our past presidents penned have shaped our nation. A new book details the surprising role Ohio played in all of it.

How Hamilton County Got Bluer Politically While Ohio Became Solid Red

Political pundits love their metaphors, especially when they start with “B”: bases, battlegrounds, bellwethers, and, once the 2018 mid-term votes were counted, blue waves. Locally, the most surprising Democratic Party win was probably Stephanie...

This Cutting Edge Novel Tells the Story of a Cincinnati War Hero

On Desperate Ground, the latest book from award-winning author Hampton Sides, shares a lot with his previous nonfiction hits. But one thing makes this book extra special, particularly for Cincinnati readers—a character (and Evendale resident) named Lee Bae-Suk.

Make Ohio Great Again?

The state's next governor faces an uphill climb to counteract some serious foundational problems.

Is MLB Killing Our Beloved Baseball Holiday?

It’s Cincinnati’s favorite double play: the Reds host their first game of the season while the city celebrates with a parade. This year, however, it’s being broken up by greed.

What Impact Will Hamilton County Have on the 2018 Elections?

You can make a strong case that Ohio’s biggest cities will determine the outcome of this fall's midterm election. But the real story isn’t the amount of political power Cincinnati and her sister cities hold. It’s the reasons why they don’t hold more.

Elizabeth Catte Reveals the Other Side of Appalachia

A new book from Ohio’s own Belt Publishing reveals this region’s other side, refusing to be defined as poor, angry, and overlooked.

Here’s How People’s Liberty Works, From Project Grants to Haile Fellowships

Herein, a peek at what three years of three grant categories has brought to life.