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Celeste Ng Talks Duplexes, Ohio Writers, and The “Utopian Ideal” Of Shaker Heights

Shaker Heights, which sits just east of Cleveland, is famously wealthy and fastidiously planned—a suburb on steroids. It’s the perfect material for a novelist, especially if that novelist grew up in Shaker Heights, as Celeste Ng did.

Mike Brown’s Forgotten Playing Days

How the Bengals owner’s time on the gridiron explains his much-maligned career on the sidelines.

Can Republicans Ever Win The Mayor’s Office Again?

Republicans may be locked out of the mayor’s office, but they still hold the keys.

Is Former UC Football Coach Tommy Tuberville Running for Office?

He better hope it's not against anyone from the AAC.

The New Midwest Tracks Our Region’s Best—and Darkest—New Literary Fiction

Author Mark Athitakis argues that in the last few decades our region has produced a fascinating new kind of literary fiction.

Osborne Coinage Has Been Making Coins in Cincinnati for Nearly 200 Years

“Coins have been made pretty much the same way for millennia.”

A Brief History of Political Mud-Slinging

The dark art of political insults has been going on for a long time now—and it’s kind of Cincinnati’s fault.

Bearcats Give It The Old College Try

UC’s pursuit of major-conference athletics is banking on a proven formula: Follow the money.

Q&A: Doris Kearns Goodwin

This month, she’ll deliver the annual Niehoff Lecture at the Mercantile Library on how America’s historical elections can help us understand this year’s crazy race.

Why Does Ohio Pick the President? Kyle Kondik Has Some Ideas.

There have been 30 presidential elections since 1896; the state of Ohio sided with the winner in 28 of them.