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Recap: Hard Knocks, Episode 5

Last night was the first night of the 2013 NFL season, and on Tuesday, the final episode of Hard Knocks aired, almost as if nature had intended it that way.

Recap: Hard Knocks, Episode 3

As this week’s episode of Hard Knocks mainly focused on the linebackers, we were treated to an unusual amount of that group and, in particular, linebackers coach Paul Guenther. Guenther, for those of you who don’t know, is currently being played on Hard Knocks by Jonah Hill, and exhibits similar characteristics around his players to those Hill embodies around people such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Jay-Z. Those characteristics being the way a dorky, chubby school-boy acts when he gets in with the cool kids because he has pot—he swears too much and awkwardly tries too hard to nonchalantly be “bros”.

Notes from Camp

Rest easy, Bengals fans. For those of you unable to make it down to training camp at Paul Brown Stadium, I’m glad to report that Andy Dalton has really mastered those 2- and 3-yard gains that he’s always struggled with and that we all know could put the team over the edge, Super Bowl-wise.

Recap: Hard Knocks, Episode 1

The natural state of the Bengal fan is that of Pittsburgh Steeler-based paranoia. From Kimo von Oelhoffen breaking Carson Palmer to A.J. Green being carted off the field following his glorious touchdown leap over dandruff-sufferer Troy Polamalu, the Steelers have been breaking Bengal hearts and limbs for years. So when the Hard Knocks cameras caught Jay Gruden asking newly acquired ex-Steeler James Harrison not to destroy Green during practice (cuz, you know, he’s on our side and all) that familiar sense of dread began to creep in. Harrison replied with the cold, dead eyes of a killer (although, to be fair to James Harrison, I believe he also eats birthday cake and tickles puppies with the cold, dead eyes of a killer) that should A.J. “The Merchandise” Green cross his path in practice, he, James Harrison, would be doing “his job” and blasting Green into oblivion. He may have been joking. But it will now be some time before any Bengal fan can entirely shake the suspicion that, rather than being a savvy off-season pick up, James Harrison was sent here by the Steelers to bring us down from the inside.

Five Questions With Thomas Howard – Texans

Each week, Bengals linebacker Thomas Howard gives us his take on the upcoming game. This week, he turns his eyes to the playoffs with the Bengals facing Texans in Houston tomorrow, while also letting us in on his biggest fear, his proudest achievment, and which Bengals got snubbed by the Pro Bowl....

Match Report: Bengals 23 Ravens 17

There didn’t seem to be a lot to say after the Bengals reserves beat the Ravens reserves in a game that had no impact on anything whatsoever. All eyes were on the playoffs—the Ravens would not be getting a bye, the Bengals would be the sixth seed regardless, and so both teams used the game as an excuse to let their starters avoid injury and their backups make a case for a bigger role the following week.

Five Questions With Thomas Howard – Ravens

Each week, Bengals linebacker Thomas Howard gives his insight, on everything from the upcoming game to the Bengal with the biggest appetite....
1. New Year's resolution? To get 110% healthy.
2. Best ever New Year's Eve? It's was probably my rookie year in the NFL. I was 22 and in the NFL, you can only imagine the fun I had that night. Lol.
3. Key t

Match Report: Bengals 13 Steelers 10

There are some things in life you can never do twice: You can’t lick a metal pole outdoors when it’s fifteen degrees, you can’t close a padlock backwards on a locker, and most of all, you can’t lose twice to the Steelers if you want to make the playoffs for a second consecutive year. The Bengals knew this, but, worryingly, so did the Steelers, and what followed was inevitably a game of attrition.

Five Questions With Thomas Howard – Steelers

Each week Bengals linebacker Thomas Howard answers questions on everything from tactical analysis to his biggest pet peeves, as well as which Bengals have the flashiest cars. This week, he breaks down the killer game against the Steelers, picks his ideal dinner party guests, and lets us know which Bengal has the smoothest moves....

Match Report: Bengals 34 Eagles 13

The first thing you notice about the Philadelphia Eagles is the sheer number of white guys with long, '80s glam-rock style hair. The second thing is that their new defensive coordinator appears to be eleven years old. Which probably doesn’t say much about their football team, to be honest.