5 Questions With Thomas Howard – the Chargers

Bengals Linebacker Thomas Howard tries to keep his hot streak of tactical analysis going as the Bengals head west, whilst revealing his drinks of choice, and which Bengals drive the smoothest ride….
1. What car do you drive?
Here in Cincinnati I drive Chevys from McCluskey Chevrolet at Kings Automall.
2. What is your drink of choice?
Non-Alcoholic–Shirley Temples
Alcoholic –Jack & Ginger-Ale 
3. What is the key to the game against the Chargers?
As a team we need to continue to win the turnover battle and play great on special teams.
Defensively: stopping the run, getting off the field on third down, be the best tackling team, and get pressure on Phillip Rivers. #SACKS
Offensively: scoring TDs in the redzone, controlling the clock with our running attack, and we have to have someone step up with the absence of Mohamed Sanu. Look for big catches from Marvin Lewis Jones and I know #16 @YoungBabyHawk is back this week. And he will be a matchup problem for whoever is covering him Sunday.
4. Which Charger do we need to look out for?
Antonio Gates is a tough assignment for LBs and DBs alike, especially in the redzone.
5. Which Bengal has the sweetest vehicle?
Hands Down Mr. Nate Clements. Or should we refer to him as Mr. 007 for that mean Aston Martin that he has in his garage?
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