Community Comes to You in Welcome Table Boxes

Wave Pool Art Fulfillment Center keeps the conversation going with take-away meals prepared by immigrants and refugees.

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

In case you missed it (somehow): COVID-19, um, changed a few things this year. Not least of which being how we acquire and consume food. In a range of responses to the sharp reconstruction of our daily norms, The Welcome Project—an arm of Camp Washington’s Wave Pool Art Fulfillment Center—has one of our favorites. For a few years, they’ve hosted large community dinners, which, of course, got shut down. So the Wave Pool crew quickly kicked a new project into gear: Welcome Table Boxes. “They are to-go, pre-prepared, heat-and-eat dinners for four [or six], prepared by refugees and immigrants in Cincinnati that tell their story,” says Wave Pool Executive Director Cal­cagno Cullen. “It’s a collaboration with Dean’s Mediterranean [at Findlay Market],” where the first set of meals was prepped and cooked. But it’s not only about the food; it’s about the interactive, artist-created packaging that includes the recipe and the chef’s story. First up: Iraqi biryani from chef Azzezah Ali, followed by poulet braisé with riz au gras from Manzara Reed (pictured). The first one sold out fast, so we suggest you get on that welcome train stat.

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