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Shaping Cincinnati: What About Transportation?

When steamboats ruled the water, Cincinnati was queen. Prior to 1850, the river—and the canal system built off of it—made the city a significant center of commerce. But when industry chose railway over waterway,...

Get Your Art on at the Contemporary Arts Center

Archive as Action allows you to become a participant in the artists' experience.

This Latin-Fusion Spot Pumps Out Flavor in Over-the-Rhine

Some days could use more reggaeton and plantains. Scratch that. All days could use more reggaeton and plantains. Particularly when the latter is crisp, salted, and served with red snapper and shrimp ceviche or...

An East Walnut Hills Drawing Center Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

It was a Thursday night, early 2000s, in a back room of Xavier University’s art building. Nearly 20 people gathered, students and otherwise, for a weekly open-figure drawing session. Jason Franz, now the executive...

Style Counsel: Hunter Clem Knows How to Mix Eras

Occupation: Creative Director, Photographer, Videographer Style: Expressive Era-mixing You’re a photographer and you work in the art world. How does that affect your style? I use that as an advantage. My job is to keep up...

The Vintage Warehouse of Your Dreams Is in Lower Price Hill

On the third floor of a big red brick warehouse in Lower Price Hill, there is vintage clothing. A lot of it—10,000 square feet full, to be exact. Pixel 19 Vintage and Sweet Dahlia...

Cincy Obscura: The Oesper Collection

“It would not be possible to assemble this museum today.”

BlackOwned Brand Co-Founder To Open Downtown Coffee Lounge

Means Cameron is a force: owner of the BlackOwned brand, designer, hip-hop artist...and now, coffee shop owner.

Downtown Living Now: Breakfast

The true test of a walkable, livable place: Can I get breakfast without having to trek that much farther than my own kitchen? Five times yes.

Downtown Living Now: Date Night

When eateries and entertainment venues are your next-door neighbors, date night is way easier (and frankly, more frequent). Just choose your own adventure.