Take a closer look at the stars. If Neil deGrasse Tyson’s new Cosmos series just isn’t enough to quell your exploratory spirit, there is no need to fear, stargazers. The lineup of spring events at the Cincinnati Observatory is here for you.
With Mars settling back into its closest position relative to Earth this April, the observatory is holding a Marsapalooza to celebrate the return of the red planet, intergalactic style. Historic 1843 and 1904 telescopes will aid your viewing, weather conditions permitting. Informational classes and tours of the building will be offered as well, so bring your little aspiring astronomer along for a family friendly night of universal exploration and education. Portable telescopes will also offer views of the moon and Jupiter.
Reservations are required for the April 10 and 11 viewings, but you can drop in anytime on April 12.
Can’t make the Marsapalooza extravaganza? The Cincinnati Observatory is also hosting a middle-of-the-night viewing of a rare total lunar eclipse on April 15, which cloud coverage has made impossible to see in Cincinnati since 2008. Or check out our solar system’s most spectacularly ringed planet on Saturndays (get it?), May 10 and June 7.
, April 10-12 at 9 p.m., $7 admission, The Cincinnati Observatory, 3489 Observatory Place, Hyde Park, (513) 321-5186,

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