Dig Into a Bowl of Hand-Scooped Ice Cream at Gold Spoon Creamery

Brand-new yet old-fashioned, Gold Spoon is a welcome addition to the local ice cream scene.

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

You know what’s fun? Ice cream. Especially after ice skating. Especially when the ice cream shop (or shoppe?) is brand-new yet also old-fashioned and oozing with Art Deco vibes and Cincinnati-themed decor.

Let me back up. As a parent of four kids, someone is always having a birthday. In February, there are two McCosham birthdays, with Pearl’s happening right after Valentine’s Day. And as a parent of four kids, I’m always trying to carve out one-on-one “dates” that are often as simple as taking one of my kids out for a solo bike ride around the block.

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

But turning 5 years old is certainly an occasion deserving of more than a mere bike ride; and so, on a blustery Friday, we layered up for a fun and thematic day of “ice skating and ice cream” at Summit Park. (Side note: while the ice skating at Summit Park is closed for the season, Northland Ice Center in Evendale is open year-round and just minutes away from Summit.)

Ice skating aside, I was most excited to visit Gold Spoon Creamery, an impossibly charming old-school ice cream shop at Summit Park. Gold Spoon opened in September 2022 and is all Art-Deco vibes and modernist decor. While Cincinnati’s ice cream industry is quite full and acclaimed, Gold Spoon sets itself apart in all the right ways. For starters, Gold Spoon serves its ice cream in actual bowls with silverware—but make it gold; professional ice cream testers use gold spoons for tasting because this precious metal has no aftertaste. All of Gold Spoon’s flavors are wholly unique to the shop, made in-house, and hand-scooped—and you really can taste the difference.

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

Pearl and I opted for a bowl of strawberry swirl and cookies and cream; two of four vegan varieties available the day we visited. For those without dairy allergies, I highly recommend getting your ice cream sandwiched between two homemade brownies; during our date, a tray of homemade brownies had just been taken out of the oven, and the smell was positively rapturous.

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

Gold Spoon Creamery is open year-round with indoor and outdoor seating, and even without a thematically appropriate ice-skating session, this new spot is absolutely worth making part of your Year of Fun.

Gold Spoon Creamery, 10235 Summit Pkwy., Blue Ash, (513) 866-5288

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