Urban Artifact’s Pickle Beer Is Back

The out-there beer you didn’t know you needed is making a return after a few years off shelves.

Pickle: a simple and self-explanatory name for a beer that’s flavor is…well, not so much.

Pickle is the latest beer from local brewery Urban Artifact to find a spot in their year round line up. The beer can now be found in all retailers where Urban Artifact products are sold, exclusively in 12-packs stamped by a pickle peddling bear.

Claimed to be the original pickle-inspired beer, Pickle is being resurrected after its initial launch in December 2015. The unconventional beer brewed with fresh cucumber, dill, coriander seed, and sea salt  was exalted by pickle lovers for its fresh, brisk profile and for the revolutionary accomplishment of turning pickle into beer. It was a head-turner at the time—no wonder—and it’s only right that the trend-setters reassert their presence in the pickle-inspired beer landscape. 

When Pickle was first brewed, it was a nod to the German tradition of discreetly placing a pickle in the crannies of a Christmas tree. Now, the mid-winter release arrives in time for the warming weather to give way to sunny cookouts. Those may present the perfect food pairings and social outings enthused by dare and summertime madness to compel the ordinary beer-drinking pickle eater to combine the two. 

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