Cincinnati Ballet’s Diamond Season: Here’s What to Expect

The Cincinnati Ballet commemorates its 60th anniversary with a remarkable diamond season.

To celebrate six decades of movement, beauty, and rhythm, Cincinnati Ballet has announced a special diamond anniversary season that will showcase a wide range of classic and contemporary works.

Photograph courtesy Cincinnati Ballet

“Triumphant” is how Artistic Director Jodie Gates describes the upcoming season. “We are introducing new work and aesthetics to our audience, with familiar and also new faces on stage so there will be something for everyone,” says Gates, who is curating the season. “The audience will be delighted at these new choreographers I’m bringing in.”

The 2023–2024 diamond season has been in the works since January 2022, right after Gates was invited by the board of directors to curate her first lineup of programming. “My artistic aesthetic will be bleeding through the year,” she says.

A collaboration between Asha Ama, a local fashion designer, and Rena Butler, a New York choreographer, will include new visuals, fashion, and movement. “I am introducing new choreographic voices to our community with emerging choreographers from Europe who have never been to Cincinnati, which already lends a variation of what has been here before,” says Gates.

The 2023–2024 season will feature seven different performances, including Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, and More Room to Play. Audiences can also expect to see a new version of the full-length ballet Don Quixote and the George Balanchine classic Jewels.

“We have amazing audiences here in Cincinnati who love art, culture, and this company so much,” says Gates. “It is a part of the fabric of our community, which is astounding in the way they support the arts and culture.”

To curate your own Cincinnati Ballet season ticket package, visit the ballet’s website.

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