Top 5 Park Benches with a View

While winter’s snow and ice may have left you cursing Cincinnati’s high-rolling hills, you can certainly appreciate the sweeping views they give from these five perches. Whether catching a breather during a springtime stroll or catching up on a good book—these bench views will make you thankful for Cincinnati’s legendary “seven hills.”

1. Ault Park Benches

Shaded beneath a large trellis, the Heekin Overlook offers three wooden benches overlooking deep valley grounds formed by the Preglacial Ohio River.

FUN FACT: 2011 commemorates Ault Park’s 100th Anniversary. Check out the website for event information. 3600 Observatory Ave., Mt. Lookout,

2. Alms Park Benches
This bounty of 16 benches is tucked beneath wooded awnings and provides serene landscape views of the Ohio River’s massive bend and Lunken Airport, which means you’re likely to be entertained by a few commuter planes gliding in for a landing on the turf below. 710 Tusculum Ave., Columbia Tusculum,

3. Devou Park Benches
Speckled across Drees Pavilion’s stretch of lawn that welcomes picnics, Frisbee-throwers, and afternoon nappers alike, the benches and tables of Devou Park offer a trifecta of views: Cincinnati’s skyline, long lengths of the Ohio River, and several of Kentucky’s riverside neighborhoods. Though, we’ll warn you: This park’s popularly may cause you to throw a few elbows for the best bench seats. 790 Park Lane, Covington,

4. Playhouse in the Park Bench
Mt. Adams is no stranger to breathtaking views. In fact, almost any turn you take in the hilly neighborhood rewards you with another uniquely different and spectacular glimpse. The appeal of this particular bench plot, however, is that it is almost undetectable to those not “in the know.” (So, consider yourselves lucky!) Heading down the windy road past Playhouse in the Park from Mt. Adams, two no-frills benches rest demurely in a wooded cove on the side of the road, looking out over beautiful views of Bellevue and Dayton. Mt. Adams Dr., Mt. Adams,

5. Eden Park Benches
Of the many impressive attractions found in and around Eden Park—including Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati Art Museum, and Mirror Lake—our destination of choice is located by the Twin Lakes, just off Park Avenue. A generous 12-bench collection lines Lake Drive’s driveway loop for up-close, front-row views of the Ohio River. The lengthy views include a handful of familiar bridges linking Ohio and Kentucky, as well as several Kentucky neighborhoods. 1099 Lake Dr., Eden Park,


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