Iconic Eats

Iconic Eats

Hometown favorites are everywhere, from grocery aisles to fine-dining establishments and chili parlors to ice cream stands. Plus, we pick the next foodie icons and reveal what local celebs love to nosh on in this food-filled issue.

By John Fox, Lauren Fisher, Aiesha D. Little, Sam Rosenstiel, Amanda Boyd Walters, and Brandon Wuske

Edited by Sam Rosenstiel

Seven Cincinnati Supermarket Faves

If these items aren’t on your grocery list, are you even from Cincinnati?

Cincinnati Chili Turns 100 at Empress

The founders of Empress Chili invented our city’s culinary gift to the world a century ago, and the restaurant continues to serve chili-loving diners in Northern Kentucky. What’s the secret to its longevity as a Cincinnati food icon?

Seven Cincinnati Icons To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Indulge your sweet cravings with any of these iconic Queen City treats.

Five Iconic Cincinnati Candies

These local confectioners have been satisfying Cincinnati's collective sweet tooth for generations.

Editor’s Letter, May 2022: Feasting on Favorite Cincinnati Dishes

This month’s section about Cincinnati’s iconic foods highlights a number of classic restaurants, shops, and products that bring comfort to natives, make transplants feel like they belong, and often confuse visitors.

The New Icons of Cincinnati’s Food Scene

They may not be dynasties yet, but these local eateries have already cemented their status as instant Cincinnati classics.

Deconstructing Three Iconic Cincinnati Dishes

An icon is more than the sum of its parts.

Glier’s Makes Goetta Evangelists of Us All

Why Cincinnatians spread the gospel of our breakfast staple to uninitiated locals and outsiders alike.

Local Celebs Dish About Their Favorite Cincinnati Foods

What does an icon like to eat? We asked folks we consider to be Cincinnati icons themselves about their favorite local eats and treats.

Our Iconic Eats: 10 Cincinnati Dishes We Love

These mainstay Queen City eateries serve up some of our city's most beloved dishes. 

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