Five Iconic Cincinnati Candies


These local confectioners have been satisfying Cincinnati’s collective sweet tooth for generations.

Icon by Emi Villavicencio

Aglamesis Bros. Chocolates

For more than 100 years, Cincinnati has indulged in the rich gourmet chocolate confections (and signature ice cream and Italian ice) at Aglamesis Brothers. Picking up their opera creams, salted caramels, toffee, or a double scoop cone in their charming Oakley location feels like stepping back in time to an Old World candy shop—but the flavors inside are timeless.

Icon by Emi Villavicencio


The air smells a little sweeter near the Perfetti Van Melle plant in Erlanger, where these fruity treats are born. Airheads are undoubtedly a Halloween favorite, but we see no reason why you can’t grab a Mystery flavor or a classic cherry chew any day of the week.

Icon by Emi Villavicencio

Papas Opera Creams

Since 1935, Papas Candies in Covington has made chocolate-covered opera cream eggs an Easter favorite. Fill a basket with a dozen flavors like peanut butter, maple nut, and mint cream. Whichever’s your favorite, Papa’s eggs are a delight to find in your Easter grass.

Icon by Emi Villavicencio

Doscher’s Candy Canes and French Chews

When you get something right the first time, sometimes it’s best to leave it be. That seems to be the Doscher’s philosophy—the handcrafted candy canes still use the same recipe Claus Doscher created in 1871, and its signature French Chews have gotten stuck in the teeth of Cincinnatians for decades.


These chocolate-dipped peanut butter treats are named for their resemblance to the seeds that fall from the Buckeye trees dotting Ohio’s landscape, which themselves are named for, well, bucks’ eyes. A bevy of local shops stock the delicious confections—leading us to wonder if an “official state candy” designation might be in order. We’ll keep writing our congressman—and chowing down on Buckeyes in the meantime.

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