Here’s the Best Time of the Year to Buy 50-Plus Locally Grown Fruits and Vegetables

Our seasonal chart tells you which months are prime for locally grown produce.

It’s easier than ever to buy your food from local sources, as long as you’re willing to abide by Mother Nature. This chart covers popular fruits and vegetables currently being grown somewhere in the Cincinnati region, indicating the best months for buying them freshly harvested from the ground and from indoor and/or hydroponic farms. Some of these items are fairly easy to grow yourself at home, too. We’re not including animal products here—meat, fish, eggs, and dairy are basically available year-round from local sources.

KEY: Green=From the Ground; Blue=Hydroponic Sources

Sources: CORV Local Food Guide 2020, Ohio Farm Bureau, Local Food Connection, Carriage House Farm, and Turner Farm

Illustration by Emi Villavicencio

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