Three Local Hydroponic Farms


What are hydroponic farms and why are they advantageous? They move growing indoors, using technologically advanced soilless methods for year-round harvests. That means fresh produce no matter the climate.


Photograph by Lance Adkins


As an urban farm, Waterfields’s Winton Place site offers employment opportunities to locals in need. They’re all about quality, too, growing leafy greens, garnishes, and herbs for area chefs and schools.


This Batavia-based aquaponics (with fish) farm grows greens, herbs, vegetables, and tilapia year-round. Its Certified Naturally Grown items are available at Pipkin’s and ETC Produce & Provisions, among other grocers.


One of six BrightFarms hydroponic farms, the Wilmington site grows crispy baby greens for Ohio, Northern Kentucky, western Pennsylvania, and New York. They deliver pesticide-free produce to Jungle Jim’s, Meijer, and more.

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