MomChatMonday is Here to Give You a Mom Win

With her weekly videos, Q102’s Fritsch is saving parents—and herself.

When we had our baby, I thought I was ready—but oh was I wrong.

Penelope was wonderful until about week four, and that’s when it started. Stomach sensitivity, acid reflux, and colic. I spent almost every day—from the time she woke up until the time she went to bed—holding her, crying while she was crying. I felt lost, alone, depressed. I would troll Facebook and my timeline was filled with happy babies. Smiling babies who were sleeping through the night. That wasn’t my kid. One day a friend of mine posted her baby’s one-month photo, and she had a horrible look on her face and was screaming. She said, “This is how it really is at my house.” Instantly I messaged her and said, “OMG, that’s how my baby is, too. Do you want to Mom Chat?” And the idea was born.

#MomChatMonday has become a way for me to be honest about my life with a baby and ask for help from other moms in a judge-free, non-Mom-shaming outlet. I needed to learn about my baby and get a Mom Win!

Illustration by Ryan Snook

Sweet Dreams
The best #MomChatMonday topics are about sleep. What does every parent need more of? Sleep! My daughter fought the swaddle from the moment she was born, but she needed it. She always moved her arms around while she slept, so much that she woke herself up. I brought this up during one of our Mom Chats and someone recommended the Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit.  I had never heard of this product before. When I Googled it, I instantly started laughing. This space suit–looking thing is going to help my daughter sleep more? And what? It’s almost $50? Reluctantly, I tried it. Guess what? I’ve never looked back. Mom Win!

Here’s the Deal
Saving money is also at the top of every parent’s list. I was not ready for how much formula adds to the grocery bill. The extra expense of my daughter being on a special formula that is twice as expensive as other brands was more than I could imagine. How can I get this formula without spending a fortune? #MomChatMonday to the rescue. Ask at your pediatrician’s office. I didn’t know that they are given free samples and if you ask for them, some pediatricians will hook you up. Last time, I got a case. Mom Win!

Let It Ride
The #MomChatMonday that continues to hit the closest to home is the car seat. My daughter hates the car. She cries when we put her in the car seat, and it has given me so much anxiety. We want to take her out of town to visit relatives. What should I do? The recommendations started pouring in. Try a DVD player with her favorite show or a weighted blanket, or sit in the back with her. We tried all of these things and nothing has worked, so if you have any recommendations outside of that please post them during one of our #MomChatMonday chats. I am desperate for a Mom Win here. 

Sleep, saving money, how to wean from breastfeeding to a bottle, how to help other moms during times of crisis, and favorite baby products are just a few more of our #MomChatMonday topics. Join us for a #MomChatMonday on our Jeff and Jenn on Q102 Facebook page and don’t be afraid to bring your questions, too. There’s always a mom out there to help you get you a Mom Win!

Jennifer Fritsch is a member of the Jeff & Jenn Morning Show on Cincinnati’s Q102. She lives in Colerain Township with her partner Scott and daughter Penelope.

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