The Five People You Meet in the Real Estate Market: The Buyer

Illustration by Luci Guitierrez

To land the right house at the right price with as little drama as possible. Frequently seen trolling MLS listings, rolling around neighborhoods, strolling through open houses, and desperately attempting not to appear overly eager when the right property comes along. Stresses include but are not limited to: appraisal, title search, mortgage approval, closing date, and whether or not the neighbors with the hot tub on the deck soak in the buff.

Ability to walk a fine line between Love at First Sight (“Water in the basement? Sounds like fun!”) and Pathological Dissatisfaction (“That basement handrail is hideous!!!!”)

Sellers who use the smell of fresh-basked cookies to cover the smell of old dog urine.

“Really? You’re telling me the ‘second bathroom’ is just a toilet in the basement?”

Who else do you meet in the real estate market? The Agent, The Seller, The Inspector, The Mortgage Lender

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