The Five People You Meet in the Real Estate Market: The Mortgage Lender

Illustration by Luci Guitierrez

Gives advice on what kind and size loan a buyer can qualify for; arranges financing; charts a course to the closing. Pesters buyer for documents (drivers license; W-2s; tax returns; pay stubs; bank statements. IRA? 401(k)? Yeah, bring those too) needed to pre-qualify; packages paperwork for the underwriter; arranges for closing.

Available 24/7 to produce freshly-dated pre-approval letters so that buyer has a leg up on every other eager beaver in a hot market who wants to make an offer on a great house in a popular neighborhood.

Buyers who screw up their credit after they’re pre-qualified. Listen up: First you get the keys to the penthouse condo; then you buy the Mercedes.

“Now, I have a few things I need you to bring in…”

Who else do you meet in the real estate market? The Agent, The Seller, The Buyer, The Inspector

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