Hey, Bartender: Behind the Scenes at Horseshoe Casino

Name: Abi Froehle
Bar: Rock Bar, Horseshoe Casino, downtown
Summer Drink of Choice: Passion Fruit Mojito

West side native Abi Froehle holds court at Rock Bar, in downtown’s Horseshoe Casino. She talks life skills, the art of conversation, and what sets the Midwest apart. (Hint: We’re nice.)

What do you like about bartending? It prepares you for the real world. You have to have whole conversations—to connect with people. It teaches you a lot about being courteous, and generous. And it also teaches you about people who don’t tip. Everyone should work at least one service job.

Horseshoe has more than 1,000 employees. How do you find community here? We have rallies where we all come together during the day; it’s the entire company all in one room. We’re always talking—you hear things that happen on the dealer side or out on the casino floor. It really is like a college campus. People know your name here.

Is there a “Midwest Casino” vibe here? Yes. One of the most common things I hear from people is “Everyone here is so nice!”  In Vegas—and it’s maybe because they see so many people—they’re not so welcoming. They know you’re going to spend the money. Here, and in the Midwest in general, we’re such friendly people. We like to make eye contact. People coming from the coasts expect that.

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