Five Fruity Brews to Quench Your Thirst


Beat the heat with a locally brewed, ice-cold beer. Here are five fruit-forward brews to help quench your thirst.

Photograph courtesy Maks Narodenko/Shutterstock

Samba Coconut Mango, Fifty West
If the taste of a beer could transport you, this blonde ale would undoubtedly send
you to the beaches of a tropical island. Think the taste of a piña colada, but without any added creaminess (tiny umbrella optional).

Wowie, Rhinegeist
Wowie is right. Already being called a tropical partner in crime to the brewer’s popular rosé ale Bubbles, this newly released ale is packed with pineapple and passion fruit, without being overly sweet. It pulls no punches with a solid 6.2 percent ABV.

Shade, MadTree
A seasonal favorite for a few years running, this pink Gose has become a summer staple. It goes down smooth on a balmy day, with a flavor dominated by blackberries and a
hint of sea salt.

Gyroscope, Urban Artifact
If a sweet, tart, and beautifully colored beer is your bag, this ale won’t disappoint. Gyroscope delivers raspberry with an intense dark fuchsia coloration. Tip this one back in moderation, though: it clocks in at 7.5 percent ABV.

Currant Trend, Christian Moerlein
A collaboration with Against the Grain brewery in Louisville, this is a light-bodied Kölsch with a sour taste and sweet, earthy notes of black currants and cherries. It’s on the bitter side for a fruity beer with 22 IBUs.

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