We’re Really Into Macaron Bar’s Coffee-Pairing Nights

The French-style patisserie’s pairing nights are too tasty to miss.

Sure, you’ve probably munched on one of Macaron Bar’s eponymous pastries while chugging a latte, but have you ever coupled your caffeine and sweet treat expertly? Now is your chance. The bar is hosting coffee and macaron pairing nights to guide you through a three-hour sample session that you’ll yearn to recreate at home.

For $40 per person, you’ll have four macarons matched with four pour-over brews. The coffee beans, sourced from some of the finest coffee-producing regions in the world, are freshly ground immediately before each pairing. The flavor notes of each brew, influenced by the terroir and elevation of the sourcing region, are highlighted by the leisurely paced pairings, allowing you to savor their evolving flavors as they cool.

The French macaron—not to be confused with its more disheveled cousin, the coconut-y macaroon—is a meringue-based confection that sandwiches flavored ganache like a highbrow Oreo. A good one, we were told, is slightly chewy and not too brittle. Usually they’re best a day old, but don’t wait much later than that.

Photograph by Tyler Gentry Photography

For this particular pairing night, the coffee—all from local roaster Deeper Roots—included Kenya Giakanja, with notes of peach, bergamot, and lemon; Ethiopia Konga, with lemon, jasmine, and stone fruit; Community Blend, with caramel and chocolate; and Guatemala-Tanzania Cabin Fever, with mulled wine, cocoa, and candied walnut. The roasts were paired with Earl Grey–, lemon-lavender–, caramel-, and butter pecan–flavored macarons, respectively.

At any given time, Macaron Bar serves 16 different macaron flavors, with new ones added seasonally, so the couplings will likely vary depending on when you go. And if coffee isn’t your thing, they also host pairings with cheese, Rhinegeist beers, and champagne.

Macaron Bar, 1206 Main St., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 813-8180, macaron-bar.com

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