Try This: Crown Republic’s Yemeni Mussels

Crown Republic Gastropub’s menu is hard to pin down because it features a little bit of everything, from house-made burgers to onion soup dumplings to a one-pound meatball. But one dish in particular has a flavor combination we couldn’t forget: the Yemeni Mussels.

Photograph by Emma Jenkins

If you’re not a seafood regular, that’s okay. The fishy flavor of most oyster- and mussel-based dishes is less present here thanks to a warm Moroccan curry mixed with sweet potatoes, tomatoes, coconut, garlic, and lemongrass. This combination of flavor and texture creates a cohesive, full-bodied dish—especially if you manage to get each ingredient in one forkful. At dinnertime, the Yemeni Mussels are served with a baguette, which is perfect for soaking up the remaining curry sauce at the bottom of the plate. Which you will obviously do.

Crown Republic Gastropub, 720 Sycamore St., downtown, (513) 246-4272,

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