Top 5 Local Summer Food Stands


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When the weather warms up, so does our appetite for these favorite seasonal food stands.

The Root Beer Stand
Serving up what may be the best root beer in town (brewed on-site) for more than 60 years, this landmark is famous for its foot-long cheese coneys and quarter pounders. Keep an eye out for the new renovations.
Sharonville, March–Sept

Putz’s Creamy Whip
Beyond having its own street—and a president change plans for an interstate to avoid its destruction—this classic walk-up is known for slinging the best soft serve in all of the I-275 loop (and probably beyond).
Westwood, March–Sept

Dojo Gelato
Want a frozen dessert with edge? Espresso-soaked affogatos and gelato sundaes like the Dirty Hippie (vanilla gelato with granola, honey, and ginger) will put you in good graces with the neighborhood’s hipsters and eclectics.
Northside, March–Sept

Mr. Gene’s Dog House
If you have a hankering for a classic hot dog and a shake, this is your place. Family-owned for more than 50 years, this traditional stand is the holy grail of chocolate malts and hot chili cheese metts.
Cumminsville, Feb–Nov

Jolly’s Drive-In
Nom on this institution’s eats straight from your car in true drive-up fashion. Try the root beer, French fries, and made-to-order foot-long chili dog. Just don’t forget to grab an order of apple fritters for the ride home. Windows down, of course.
Hamilton, Jan–Oct

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