Behold: All 42,422 Dog Names in Cincinnati


That dog at the top of the page? That’s my dog and her name is Olivia. When my girlfriend rescued her (but really, who rescued who amirite?), she kept her name, adding Benson as the middle name. (Important note: this was before T-Swift named her cat Olivia Benson.) When we register her with Hamilton County, our little mutt will be the 28th registered dog named Olivia. She joins a #squad of more than 42,422 dogs in Hamilton County (not including shelter and kennel pups) with 9,192 different names. The names range from hilarious (Bell E. Button, Lucy Lovinsbutts, Pee Pee, Weenie), absurd (Cocolicious Sassy Red, Raynor Von Waffle), and meta (Found Her, Good Boy, Good Girl) to intense (Misha Angel of the Lord, Simon Peter), muddled (Duke Milereddington, Pikachubacca), and sad (Old Dan). There are fictional characters (I’d like to meet Uncle Phil), fictional love triangles (there is one Pacey, one Josephine, and two Dawsons, but my money is still on Pacey to win over Joey), and Hogwarts fans, including a Hagrid, Hermione Granger, Peter Pettigrew, Weasley, two Potters, four Dracos (bunch of Slytherins in this town), and a contender for best name, Albus Dumbledog. But we’re here simply to present every dog name in Cincinnati, not crown a champion. (Though if we did, it’d definitely be Petey Pablo.)

Scroll over the graphic below to see how many dogs have that name. And if you want a further breakdown, check out the graphs  that have dog names broken down by the Disney Character, Food, and Real People they are named after. And if we missed a name somewhere (like I said, there are more than 9,000 different names), let us know and we’ll add it in. And thanks to New York City for the idea.


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