Do Trek The ‘Nati


If you drive around the city every day, the commute from the eastside in probably fills you more with road rage than with revelry. Here’s a way to change that.

Jene Galvin—avid backpacker and regular contributor to Cincinnati Magazine—will be leading twenty hikers for twenty miles of the American Discovery Trail. (The what? You’re not alone, and he’s looking to change that—get the full story here.) America’s more than 5,000-mile cross-country trail winds through the Queen City, and this particular weekend venture will take you from Milford, Ohio to Ludlow, Kentucky.

Along the way: the Little Miami bike trail to Newtown; Mariemont and Madisonville; casual camping in a Hyde Park yard (with dinner at Arthur’s and morning coffee at Awakenings—don’t worry); on to Walnut Hills, Eden Park, Mt. Adams, and Sawyer Point; then crossing the river for lunch in Devou Park and the final leg to Ludlow.

It’s a chance to slow down, see this place up close and in a new way, plus probably meet some new neighbors.

The trek takes place July 12 and 13, but reserve a spot soon: the deadline is June 1. Participation costs $50 per person, which includes Galvin as a guide (discovery: not as much fun when lost and stranded), dinner, camping arrangements, and the obligatory T-shirt. Plus, one imagines, plenty of good stories for later.

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