Live at the Lodge Podcast: Puppies and the Past


We know what you’re doing, Dennis Quaid. Don’t try to sneak one by us. Watch the trailer for A Dog’s Purpose and try not to be emotionally manipulated. It’s hard, mainly because puppies are adorable. (This is where cat people can pack up their things and be gone.) Creating a movie or writing a book about a dog is an exercise in pulling at the heart strings. Like when Buddy befriends Josh Framm in Air Bud, or when Marley tears apart a home in Marley & Me, or when (spoiler alert for all you that skipped fourth grade reading!) Little Ann dies from heartbreak after Old Dan is felled by a mountain lion in Where the Red Fern Grows. So when Justin Williams wrote a story about a service dog helping sick children at a hospital, it had all the makings of tear-jerker. But we talk about how he managed to steer clear of that trap and how the story was reported. After that, it’s a blast from the past as we remember movie theaters of yore and restaurants that have left us, and establishment we would be sad to see leave as we look at February’s Lost City issue.

This podcast was recorded live at the Overlook Lodge on January 23, 2017. Our next taping at the Overlook Lodge will be on Sunday, February 26. That’s the night of the Academy Awards, and we’ll be talking about the movies we liked and may even have an Oscar pool. Stay tuned for more information.

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