Cincinnati Magazine Podcast: Inside the Religion Issue


The feature package in our April issue began with a question: just how Catholic is Cincinnati? The city is filled with Catholic institutions that would make it easy to view Cincinnati as very Catholic. But as we discovered and discuss on the podcast, the answer isn’t so simple. Catholicism, and religion as a whole, in the city has changed considerably over the past century, and the past 20 years have seen a rapid shift in beliefs. In this episode of the Cincinnati Magazine Podcast, associate editors Justin Williams and Adam Flango talk about this change and look at how the magazine approached a subject that’s deeply personal to many people. Then we take a peak behind Justin’s feature on the controversial Gladstone Community Church. Finally, we talk with associate managing editor Alyssa Konermann about her examination of the fictional marketing creation known as Blaise Bender. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and feel free to give us a rating and review, assuming you don’t think the podcast is garbage.


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