Cincinnati Magazine Podcast: Inside the July Issue

There’s a difference between cover bands and tribute bands. Tribute bands are lame. Seeing them impersonate an actual band is strange and off-putting. But cover bands are wonderful and deserve praise. They play the hits and the crowd loves it. For the July issue, Lisa Murtha wrote an oral history of the Rusty Griswolds, Cincinnati’s preeminent ’80s cover band, and we talked with her about the story. Then we discussed Erick Trickey’s story on Republican bronze medalist John Kasich and examine his persona as both Ohio governor and one-time presidential candidate. (We swear there is as little Trump as possible.) While you’re enjoying the podcast, please take some time to rate the podcast on iTunes and review it too. We always hear other podcasts talking about how important that is, so we thought we’d give it a go.

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