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Bengals’ No. 1 Goal: Exceed Expectations

The 2018 NFL season kicks off with modest hopes for the home team, but don’t be surprised by a playoff run.

Marvin Lewis Is Coming Back

What is dead may never die.

The Bengals Offense Has Been Historically Bad

WARNING: Horrible stats ahead.

The Highs and Lows of the Marvin Lewis Era

There were many. On both sides.

Who Will Be Coaching the Bengals Next Year?

The end of the Marvin Lewis Era appears nigh.

The Bengals Are The Worst Second-Half Team In The NFL

The lack of halftime adjustments has been a consistent issue under Marvin Lewis.

The Steelers Own The Bengals

Can Cincinnati buck the trend on Monday night?

The Duality Of Vontaze Burfict

You take the good, you take the bad.

The Bengals Have A Talent Development Problem

Shaky draft picks, a coaching brain-drain, and questionable roster decisions have the team playing from behind.

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