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OK, Andy Dalton Is a Problem for the Bengals

If the Bengals could get even decent quarterback play, they might have won eight games by now, including last Sunday against the Patriots.

The Bengals Are on the Run

Inexplicable play-calling and inexcusable mistakes lead to another loss against the Browns that could have (and should have) been a win.

The Bengals Win at Last!

Andy Dalton did just enough on offense to support a superb defensive effort against the Jets, and the 0-fer is no more.

Thanks for Nothing, Bengals

A winnable game against the Steelers’ scrubs drops Cincinnati to 0-11. Will Andy Dalton’s return as starting QB spark at least one W?

Bengals Fans Look for Silver Linings

You have to find moral victories when your team is 0-10, and we offer a few to keep your head from completely exploding.

The Bengals’ Quarterback Controversy

It’s not about Dalton vs. Finley, but who the team will draft in the spring: Tua Tagovailoa or Joe Burrow.

When the Going Gets Tough for the Bengals…

The 0-8 team stands pat at the trade deadline, benches Andy Dalton, and gets ready to enjoy a bye week.

The Bengals’ D Gets a Passing Grade

Every other facet of the winless team’s play has been a failure.

The Bengals Are Still a Step Behind

Nearly half of the Bengals' rushing output in Baltimore came on an end-around to Alex Erickson in the fourth quarter. Kinda says it all.

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades for the Bengals

Another close loss keeps Bengals fans in limbo between feeling like the team is close to a breakthrough and wanting a total teardown and rebuild.

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