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Catching Up With Playoff-Bound Former Reds

Join me in becoming a temporary fan of the long-suffering Seattle Mariners as they break their playoff drought with three key former Reds.

The Reds Find Another Ace in Their Deck

Nick Lodolo emerges as the team’s third potential ace starting pitcher, after finding his control over the past few months.

The Sad Story of Willard Hershberger

The backup catcher’s mental health struggles in 1940 remind us that there is actually crying in baseball.

Which Reds Have Something to Play for?

These four young Reds are trying to firm up their roster spots for next season and beyond as another lost season grinds to a conclusion.

Why the Reds Are Giving Aristides Aquino One More Shot

Aquino's best asset is an amazing outfield throwing arm. Should the team try him as a pitcher?

Why the Reds’ Field of Dreams Game Was Must-See TV

Cincinnati's dreadful 2022 season took a detour to baseball heaven in Iowa, and all was right with the team and the world for one night.

Remembering the Best Reds Team to Not Win It All

The Big Red Machine was born 50 years ago after Joe Morgan came to Cincinnati in an unpopular trade, but they fell just short in the 1972 World Series.

Godspeed, Luis Castillo

Castillo is one of the best pitchers you'll ever see in a Reds uniform, and it's confounding how so many fans are okay with the club trading away great players year after year.

Which Reds Are Going and Staying at the Trade Deadline?

The prospect return for trading Luis Castillo and others will say a lot about management’s plans for building a winning team.

Seven Reasons to Watch the Reds the Rest of This Season

After a historically bad first half of the season, Reds fans are wondering if they should keep paying attention to this team. I say yes.

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