A Fraîche Take on Wedding Flowers

Fraîche Blooms are high-end arrangements at a budget-friendly price.

Photo courtesy Courtenay Lambert

Floral designer Courtenay Lambert knows a thing or two about weddings. As the founder of Courtenay Lambert Floral and Event Design, she creates upscale arrangements for weddings, events, and photo shoots.

After almost eight years in the business, Lambert noticed a gap in the market: there were plenty of potential clients who were interested in her signature lavish look, but needed it at a lower price point. “We wanted to make our products and services available to a wider range of clients,” explains Lambert. There had to be a happy medium between do-it-yourself wedding flowers (I took her class; it’s not as easy as you think) and über extravagant floral design.

As a solution, Lambert created Fraîche Blooms, a set of pre-styled floral collections all available for less than traditional custom designs. I asked her how Fraîche Blooms came about, how the process differs from the main line, and how much couples can potentially expect to save.

Why did you decide to create Fraîche Blooms in addition to Courtenay Lambert Floral & Event Design?

We love creating custom floral designs and beautiful events, so we developed a way to make our signature designs available in a wider range of floral budgets. We’ve done this by utilizing local growers and our more popular supply chains that offer competitive pricing. We pass on those savings to our clients. Fraîche Blooms was our way of working with clients who want something really beautiful, but might need to be a little more flexible with how to get it.


I love the idea behind the collections. How do you ensure that the look and feel is consistent?

We carefully designed the collections for Fraîche Blooms so that the flower offerings would be consistent year round. Most of the product is available all the time, so the flowers typically won’t change. They’re may be some minor variations in, say, the types of greens we use, but nothing that would change the look and feel of the overall design.

That’s really smart. How much can a couple save by choosing flowers from the Fraîche Blooms collection?

I would say they would save roughly twenty percent, depending on their quantities. Basically, with Fraîche Blooms, we keep it simple and eliminate the need for multiple meetings, phone calls, revisions, and redesigns. It’s like buying a beautiful dress from a department store as opposed having one custom made for you. The dress is still beautiful, it’s just pre-designed, so there won’t be multiple fittings and custom touches.

Our brides who chose Fraîche Blooms this past wedding season were extremely happy with the results, and a couple of their wedding planners could not believe that this was a more budget friendly option. We’ve really put together some beautiful options that look gorgeous and opulent…you’d never know that they are budget friendly.

Since the arrangements are pre-designed, how far in advance should couples contact you?

With any wedding planning, I say the earlier the better. That being said, if someone called us six weeks before their wedding, we could still do it. Since Fraîche Blooms is pre-designed and does not require multiple meetings, we would have ample time to create a beautiful Fraîche Blooms wedding for them.

Courtenay Lambert Floral & Event Design, 4212 Airport Rd, Suite 108, (513) 321.0100, courtenaylambert.com


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