Good Luck: Week 13 NFL Picks


Last week was another tough one for me. I went 6-9 (I forgot to pick the St. Louis-Arizona game, though it’s not like anyone cared about that suck-fest anyway), and dropped back to around .500. After my hot start in the first five weeks, I’ve really fallen apart.

Of the six picks I got right though, I gotta say, there were some real gems. I picked the fighting Tebows to upset the slumping Chargers. I correctly predicted that the Patriots would blow out the Eagles. And I just knew that the Bears would cover against the Raiders despite not having Jay Cutler. The only problem was my other nine not-quite-as-genius picks. To state the utterly and insultingly obvious, if I could eliminate all of my incorrect picks, I’d be a lot better at this. Let’s move on to Week 13, when I foolishly try to pick as many road teams as possible.

Eagles (-2.5) over Seahawks
Colts (+21.5) over Patriots — Remember when these teams were evenly matched rivals, like, last year?
Broncos (+1.5) over Vikings
Raiders (+3.5) over Dolphins
Jets (-2.5) over Redskins
Falcons (-1.5) over Texans — Name the Texans quarterback. I’ll give you three guesses.  Give up? It’s T.J. Yates. Who? Exactly.
Chiefs (+8.5) over Bears
Buccaneers (-3.5) over Panthers
Bills (-1.5) over Titans
Browns (+7.5) over Ravens
Giants (+8.5) over Packers — Upset special. (If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a Giants fan.)
Cowboys (-4.5) over Cardinals
49ers (-14.5) over Rams
Lions (+10.5) over Saints
Chargers (+1.5) over Jaguars — That Chargers team is too talented not to win a game sooner or later.

Steelers (-7.5) over Bengals — I’m going to boldly predict that the Bengals will go 0-4 against the Steelers and Ravens and still make the playoffs at 10-6 or 9-7.  That means they need two or three wins against the Texans, Rams, and Cardinals. Seems realistic. I’ll take the Steelers in this one, 31-17.

Record in Week 12: 6-9-1
Record overall: 81-80-2
Record picking Bengals games against the spread: 6-5
Record picking Bengals games straight up: 6-5

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