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Ask The Expert: Robin Wood, Robin Wood Flowers

The radio host turned floral designer on picking the best blooms for your big day.

Early Bloomers

If she hadn't broken her ankle in 1996, Clara Berger may never have fallen in love with hellebores.

A Wildlife Oasis

The birdseed tray hanging from the deck at Glenn and Barb Redmer’s home is busier than a fast-food drive-thru at lunchtime. In less than half an hour, woodpeckers and cardinals have stopped by for a snack, with three birds often sharing this small feeding space at once. “This is the time of year when they are molting, and they have some really bad hair days,” Glenn says.He and his wife know the rhythms of the wildlife around their Harrison home, because they’ve gone to great lengths to attract them. With all the flowers, trees and birdbaths, animals don’t have to look far to find food, water or shelter—and that has earned the garden certification as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat from the National Wildlife Federation.