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We Camped Out To Get Our Kids Into Magnet Schools and All We Got...

Sure, a lot of dedicated parents are willing to sleep in the cold to get their children into a wildly popular CPS program. But plenty of equally dedicated parents can't. Is this any way to run a public school enrollment system?

Many Happy Returns

One man, three motorcycles, and 70,000-plus miles of roadworn bliss.

The River Mild

Heard the one about the two 70-year-old dudes who paddled 80 miles down the Little Miami in a canoe? It begins with a logjam.

Walk This Way

Wouldn’t it be great if America had a cross-country trail where hikers could ramble from coast to coast, meeting locals and bonding over shared experiences? Actually, we already do. And it’s as close as your own backyard.

The Snowy Owls Are Coming!

This winter offers the tantalizing possibility of seeing the rare and extremely awesome snowy owl, a charismatic visitor from the frozen North.

School’s (Far) Out

It rose. It shined. It was ahead of its time. For a few bright, hopeful years, the New Morning School brought independent alternative education to a cadre of curious, fed-up teenagers (and their even more fed-up parents). And then the rest of the public school system caught on. Kind of. A founder looks back with pride.

Myth Adventures on the Sasquatch Trail

A cool December drizzle dampened the fallen leaves on a trail through the woods in Thornton Park at the edge of Morrow, Ohio. It was early afternoon and we were heading to the bank of Todd’s Fork, to a spot on the tributary where several months before, according to a fisherman, a large, hairy, two-legged creature threw rocks in his direction, scrambled up a steep knife ridge, and vanished into the forest.

Folk Tales

The Queen City Balladeers and Leo Coffeehouse celebrate 50 years.

Hogs Gone Wild

Ohio’s feral pigs (big, diseased creatures, running roughshod over farms and state land, doing untold damage costing millions of dollars) are headed this way! And there’s only one way to stop them.

It’s Not About the Birds

Twelve months, 681 species, and Matt Stenger’s inner journey.