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Art, off the walls, from Manifest Gallery.

It’s like ordering carry-out, with art. In 2005, Manifest Gallery issued its first juried international drawing annual—basically an exhibition in book form—and has since added painting and photography to the roster. The caveat: All work must have been created in the past three years. “It’s a moving view of art, an encyclopedia of what’s being made,” says director/curator Jason Franz. Only some 8 percent of submissions get into the book, because, he says, “competition breeds quality, and friction generates creativity. The odds are challenging, but that’s what makes it valuable.”


Photograph by Anna Jones/OMS

  • MEDAL HEADS: Three of the annuals have been awarded independent Publisher’s international IPPY awards–competing against publications from the likes of the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Photograph by Anna Jones/OMS

  • COMING SOON: This fall, Manifest will add an exhibition annual to the collection, which will feature all the work shown in the gallery the previous season.


  • TAKE COVER: Find the books at Manifest Gallery (2727 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills), on their website (, or at Weston Art Gallery (650 Walnut St., downtown).

Photograph by Anna Jones/OMS

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